About Me

There is no age for yoga ~ Vanda Scaravelli

About Me

Hi, my name is Ania.

My yoga journey started in 2009 in Norwich, UK. Back then I was thinking that the best way for me would be to practice yoga with a teacher who is Polish as this is my first language.

I was very lucky, I found  Anya who is BWY Hatha yoga teacher. Within her practice, body alignment and stillness are very important, I gained a strong foundation.

Over several years of practice I discovered that working with Asana (structured poses) brought a lot of awareness to my day-to-day life; helping me to live in the present moment, gradually beginning a new way of my living.

After a few years of practicing I decided to become a teacher. I strongly felt that Yoga was the path I’ve been searching for, now I believe it is time to spread the knowledge I have gained.

About Me

I completed my training with BYS.

I managed to complete my training with BYS under great supervision of Anya and very much wish to share beautiful slow-paced, mindful Hatha Yoga movement classes using comfortable equipment and support of the Earth to help you to connect to yourself.

My role as teacher is gentle instruction and prompting with care that the student listens first to their body, second to me. My aim, that you explore yoga in ease and discover your body without forcing.